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The mass email marketing service or mass emailing service is the best choice for business owners to create,send and track online mass email campaigns/newsletter campaigns/autoresponders/promotional offers/service or product annoucements/invitations for brand awareness to their customers or contacts. coderMail is the best mass email service provider in India which dispense browser based powerful mass email sender platform or mass email software solutions for both small and large businesses.The online technical support/help menus/tooltips assists you when in need or get stuck.Prior HTML knowledge is not at all required. You can import existing contacts from Microsoft Excel,CSV or Outlook one by one or in bulk with ease,additionally using this mass email sender software create unlimited custom fields for storing information about contacts such as last name,phone number and more.If you are an advanced user,you can customise the HTML of your mass email service campaigns from the WYSIWYG user editor's source. According to Capgemini, research suggests that more than 60% online buyers find it enchanting when an online store remembers their personal and payment information which in turns speed up a purchase.Instead of sending a generic email you feel more attached and special when you receive an email that has your name on it.So many of us tends to use BCC field to send mass email unknowingly triggering for spam filters that you want to be away from,in short in mass email marketing service do not send bulk emails using the BCC field.This functionality i.e personalisation of your mass email marketing campaign is taken care with custom fields such as first name,last name or company name.


Your IP address can get blacklisted if emails are repeated send to bounced emails, so keep your email database clean and use double opt-in strategies i.e when a user signs up,they should receive an email with a verification link which they should click which comprehends that the users indeed wants to be on your mailing list thereby stopping illegitimate emails from being added to your mailing lists. If you want to sell services or products from your website,the mass emailing software platform of codermail can send mass email and generate more website traffic,mentor you to send a series of follow-up autoresponders to your potential customers and more.Email Marketing Experts at codermail makes sure that there are no email duplicates and that you send an email to given address only once. The brand awareness and trust in your services/products can be acheived only through weekly/monthly best mass email service to your clients. By using this mass email marketing software you can upload your existing client database from an Excel sheet and also create unlimited mailing lists. Once you have send the ultimate online mass email campaign,you may be eager to know how many people opened it and at what time. The codermail provides you with the best mass email solutions from the statistics tab which gives you blow-by-blow of who exactly opened the email and when with bar chart and data table.You can also see the report for open rate in a custom date range i.e for last 1 week,last 1 month,last one year etc.


The unsubscribe statistics and unsubscribe rate for mass email services campaign can be viewed from this mass emailing software using filters like specific date or time.codermail India's leading mass email service provider tracks the email bounce internally and reports you which email address bounced,when and why,with error message like "Email doesn't exist". In order to fully understand the functionalities of mass email software you can sign up for 30 days free trial. For questions or queries you can contact us via phone.