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Bulk Email Marketing

Your successful mass email marketing and email campaign depends on your choice of a reliable and efficient mass email service. The mass email marketing service or mass emailing service is the best choice for business owners to create,send and track online mass email campaigns/newsletter campaigns/autoresponders/promotional offers/service or product annoucements/invitations for brand awareness to their customers or contacts. coderMail is the best mass email service provider in India which dispense browser based powerful mass email sender platform or mass email software solutions for both small and large businesses.The online technical support/help menus/tooltips assists you when in need or get stuck.Prior HTML knowledge is not at all required. You can import existing contacts from Microsoft Excel,CSV or Outlook one by one or in bulk with ease,additionally using this mass email sender software create unlimited custom fields for storing information about contacts such as last name,phone number and more.If you are an advanced user,you can customise the HTML of your mass email service campaigns from the WYSIWYG user editor's source.


Traditional marketing strategies have been replaced by speed ,scalability, deliverability convenient marketing system and high cost saving advertisement addressed as bulk email marketing ,is a digital marketing method opted worldwide today. Bulk email marketing covers millions of customers in a span of less than an hour, which saves you practically a very good amount of expense that you would otherwise spend in manual intensive marketing such as hiring employees, sales personnel, graphic designers, marketing analysts, infrastructural expenses, security, hiring of marketing vendors such as newspapers, cost of paper, prints, postal services, cost of phone lines, physical infrastructure etc.. global business giants, SMEs and individual entrepreneurs are banking on bulk email marketing because investing on bulk email marketing promises you your duly deserved ROI.


Waiting is a big disadvantage because you lose on TIME, harbor frustration and develop negative sentiment towards your investors and stakeholders,remember it is a real pain in reality or otherwise.So start right now the process of expanding your business for every time you send your campaign email through coderMail bulk email marketing suite you will add up to your high return probability, especially,when you are looking at growth and business development and that too when you have a tool to Create Your List, Import Your Contact, Design Your Email Templates, Send Your Emails and finally not the least, Track Your bulk email marketing Results.We will be only too glad to be associated with you in your endeavor for growth and will assist you to derive the best bulk email marketing experience


Take a quick look at some of our Enterprise standard DIY bulk email marketing  FEATURES :

Duplicity: Filtration of duplicate email ids
Checker: Built-in anti-spam check
Security:Website security
Servers: No overloaded servers, dedicated SMTP servers, Shared servers,Reputed servers only
Responders: Automatic
IP: Reputation check
Scheduling: Multiple campaigns
Reports: Live, bounce, hard-bounce, soft-bounce, unsubscribe
Built-ins:Email templates, anti-spam checker mentioned above,auto responders
Tracking: unsubscribe, link click, result
HTML: Newsletter, forms, editor
List Management: Unlimited and list segmentation
Integration: Google Analytics
Contacts: Seamless import
DIY(Do-It-Yourself): Create list, import contacts, design email templates, send campaign,track results. More yet.


The digital marketing or bulk email marketing services have the biggest advantage, that it serves the purpose irrespective of who you are. A non-tech naive or tech-savvy pro. The advertising phenomena do not know discrimination, of course rest is just a tad effort to learn more that will fetch you points so please see the BENEFITS that will add to the profit corpus. If  you have decided bulk email marketing way, you have actually decided to go a right road to reach your profit making goals because now, you will be a contender in maximizing your benefits by enrolling bulk email marketing agenda


You will be reducing your Time and Effort

You will be reaching to customers more often than you thought

You will be able to personalize messages

You will be able to smartly segment your user and your customer database

You will be able to test marketing almost for few dimes

You can expect to repurpose and recycle your advertisement by circulation

You will be able to track what you are doing

You become your own analyst

You create a higher level of sustainability due to greater metric report as it allows your decision making “see it believe it”

You will reduce overhead costs for almost everything you might need while starting up a new business venture or maintaining the existing one such as employees cost, print cost, phone bill cost, other methods of ad cost, infrastructure cost,IT infrastructure cost, security cost

You will derive a Higher Return On Investment